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2010 Awards – #5 Game of the Year – Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

22 Dec

This video covers everything. The best individual team performance of 2010.

Spotted on http://www.whoateallthepies.tv


2010 Awards – #4 Manager of the Year – Ian Holloway

22 Dec

Yes Del Bosque won the World Cup, yes Jose won the treble but both managers were blessed with good, if not great teams. What Holloway acheived on a shoe string budget in just getting Blackpool into the Premiership is nothing short of remarkable.

I like most people envisaged Blackpool being this season’s Swindon and becoming the whipping boys of the league. At the time of posting they sit in 10th position (joint on points with Liverpool) and their main striker is on loan from Derby.

Add to this that Ian Holloway is a comedy genius and we have a worthy winner of the 2010 Manager of the Year award. Bonus video below:

2010 Awards – #3 Goal of the Year – Linus Hallenius

22 Dec

Amazing, incredible, almost unbelievable. If this had been scored by someone of Messi, Ronaldo status you’d have never stopped watching it.

I hate him, but in the words of Andy Gray… Linus Hallenius take a bow son.