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Classic Goals #8 – Baggio vs. Czechoslovakia

26 May

Inspired by “Days Like These – The Big Match” over at At the tender of 6 Baggio was without doubt my first foreign football idol, so much grace and composure on the ball, effortless.


Classic Goals #7 – Best vs. Benfica

26 May

Here’s another classic goal from the last time United played a European Cup / Champions League final at Wembley.

Classic Goals #6 – Koeman vs. Sampdoria

26 May

May as well milk the build up the final on Saturday. Here’s the winning goal from last time the final was held at Wembley in 1992. Struck with such tenacity by Koeman and that wall was definitely encroaching.

Classic Goals #5 – Zidane vs. Leverkusen

25 May

In advance of the final on Saturday, it would be rude to not re-visit this goal. This has to be the best goal scored in a Champions League final? Surely?

Classic Goals #4 – Scholes vs. Bradford City

25 May

Such a great strike. We have seen this attempted numerous times over the years yet rarely perfected like this.

Classic Goals #3 – Wayne Rooney vs. Newcastle

22 Dec

One word sums this up…SMASH!

2010 was not a good year for Mr. Rooney. Prior to the injury away to Bayern Munich, I would have put money on him starring at the World Cup. As we all know England and Rooney especially didn’t perform and things have not been much better since for Rooney.

As a red I’m hoping that 2011 is a better year for United and Rooney.

Classic Goals #2 – Zidane vs. Deportivo

13 Nov

There is nothing on when Zidane gets the ball and 4 defenders between him and the goal. Insert some Zidane magic and bang the ball is in the back of the net. I watched this game live on Sky and was mystified at the time, firstly by how did he do that? And secondly by what exactly did he do?

 A truly classic goal and an under appreciated one at that.